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BOLD Alchemy

In order to grow we must be Bold and courageous. By choosing to change we become the Alchemy.

What is Niagara Therapy?

Over 60 years ago coal miners in Canada discovered that leaning on the vibrating machines whilst deep underground took away their aches and pains – and Niagara Therapy was born.

How can Bioresonance (Bio-feedback) Therapy Help You?

Our bodies have an innate intelligence and a blueprint for health physically, emotionally and psychologically. Bio-feedback can assist the body restore its natural balance and improve health and reactivate this innate intelligence.

From Poverty to Power-full Retreats

In order to know authentic power, we need to experience powerlessness.

We had fun putting together the Power-full Transformative Retreat program and we look forward to journeying through it with you.

Niagara Massage Therapy Testimonials

Bioresonance Testimonials


After 4 sessions

Daniel A.

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