About Me

A Little About me

I have an active interest in wholistic natural health and whole being wellness being. Originally from New Zealand I moved to New York at age 19 which was the catalyst to many years travelling before settling in Australia in 1998 and was the start of a life long journey into healing myself physically, emotionally, psychologically from a chronic poverty outlook, asthma, debilitating skin conditions and back pain.

This led to the study of many healing modalities such as theta healing, magnetic healing, Reiki Level I & II, aromatherapy, massage, esoteric teachings, esoteric psychology, power of the spoken word, Access consciousness-the bars, Australian bush flower essences, craniosacral therapy, and more recently bioresonance (bio-feedback) practitioner training.

I have an active interest in pursuing not so well known and leading edge therapies that may be seen as unusual to some. I have a keen perception and part of my life’s work is to show others how to light their upward path. This is done by removing blockages in the identity/mental/emotional bodies through a perception shift which creates an environment for the physical body to balance and heal itself. I utilise the Power of the Spoken word as a medicinal tool for strong protection and clearing out and working with Archangel Michael. These tools have created some powerful shifts in people. If this isn’t ‘your thing’ – not to worry, it is available for those who are interested. Life is an experiment in learning how to choose well and remember the inner-sense (innocence) joyous fun of the journey.

I am merely a step on the bridge – the wellness bridge to wholeness and to assist you to bring forth your innate holiness.