7 Week Transformation Program


  • Authentic power and boundary
  • The ability to speak up with confidence in contribution
  • Relief from holding it all in place to appear you are keeping it all together
  • Freedom from fear of the shadow mask of others
  • An influx of energy and creativity
  • A stronger sense of collaboration and cooperation
  • An experience of true personal power
  • Integration and wholeness
  • More ease and grace in your relationships
  • A closer, more loving relationship with your spouse
  • Balance, true self-acceptance and self-respect
  • A more free flowing lymphatic system
  • Freedom from fear of the ‘nasties’
  • True personal authentic power so that you may become as above, so below and walk through life from this space – as an inspiration to others

My focus as your co-pilot and facilitator is to:

  • Work with your physical body through deep tissue massage and vibration to assist you to release the trapped emotions, heartbreak and genetic wounds you have been holding onto for centuries
  • Assist to balance your physical and emotional body utilising the latest leading edge frequency technology and vibrational massage equipment.”
  • Assist your emotional body using essences, sound and voice power healing processes to assist you to move into a higher vibration that you can hold
  • Work with your mental/psychological body through Insight Modules to assist you to have the conscious acknowledgement and “aha’s"
  • Co-create with you to find a new perspective of how you see yourself and your path in life
  • Assist in identifying your unique essence and how you can bring it forth

What you Get

  • Weekly Power Insight Modules
  • Hands on tools and exercises to assist in whole body learning and realignment
  • Bioresonance and deep tissue Niagara therapy massage on alternate weeks
  • Tailored bush flower essences
  • High frequency music CD (Nutrient Energy Systems)
  • Phone availability to assist you through “the wobbles” with weekly check in for support

Program Content

  • Identity and Perspective Shift
  • Boundary - tools for life
  • Power of Spoken Word
  • Strengthening Ones Will
  • Expression
  • Addictions
  • Possibilities of how to become More
  • Strengthening Your Connection to your Angelic Guides
  • Becoming Power-full
  • Moving Beyond Poverty
  • Nurturing

If you are open to utilising tools that are somewhat unusual and not well known, in order to really let go of some crap and rise in vibration (the outcome of letting go of crap) and achieve a greater degree of freedom from current restrictions whether they be pain, stiffness, sluggishness, depression, anxiety or you have lost your spark (or maybe never found that spark) – I may be able to assist. Know this – the transformation program is for people that really want that shift. Half-hearted won’t cut it. It will require accountability on your part. I will hold your hand through the journey but I cannot carry you. True change is somewhat sublime after the initial cold-fish slap across the face. True change is a lifestyle choice – not a fad. You really have to have had enough of your situation to be willing to apply yourself sincerely to shift old baggage permanently that you have gotten used to! So if this is you -

Know this:

I am a Bold Alchemising Catalyst and I GET RESULTS